BRAVIG is a UK based content distributor and media rights management firm formed in 2010 to focus on delivering factual entertainment, and sports programming to television networks, mobile operators and digital broadcast platforms in emerging markets.

Today we do much more.

We create revenue opportunities for format rights owners, and acquire digital rights on behalf of VOD or IPTV platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa and The Caribbean. We also assist telecommunications operators who are looking to operate in this growing media space by aggregating content to create linear channels

We are based in London, with satellite offices in Miami, and South Africa, delivering a mix of both local and premium international content to our broadcasters, whilst creating strategic alliances between advertising agencies and airtime suppliers. The acquisition of audience data and engagement metrics is core to our digital business, creating a tangible investment return on advertising spend.

We distribute over 1000 hours of crime and investigation television programming, crafted by some of the most prolific television studios. Our catalogue is focused on content which gives the most consistent advertiser retention, as well as marked increases in audience share relative to the respective time-slot.

We have secured exclusive live rights to some of the most sought after football leagues in the world for broadcasters over IPTV and are currently building a bouquet of channels to deliver sport and sporting news to digital platforms in both East and West Africa.

We are currently investing in building platform-agnostic mobile entertainment portals, delivering a mix of current affairs, celebrity gossip, Swahili content and sports news skewed towards a youth audience, in partnership with East Africa’s leading mobile operators.

The core of our business is creativity, but the revenue is driven by engagement and calls to action. We ensure the content we distribute is supported by the tools to monetize effectively. We actively develop our own IP, and exploit our lifestyle formats across three continents to million’s of viewers, across a range of multimedia platforms.

We cater towards broadcasters, advertising agencies, telecos, or any group with a serious interest in premium content. If your team is looking to leverage, scale or increase your business and current audience share via content acquisition, or merely drive growth in sponsorship or advertising revenues, do not hesitate to get in touch and explore how we can assist.



Studio F7,

Battersea Studios

80 Silverthorne Road

London SW8 3HE

Tel: 0207 998 6764

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